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OID: WMO Member: French Polynesia ISO 3166: PF PYF 258

Issuing Organization: Météo France

Hazard Categories: Met

Authorization Basis: Météo-France is mandated by the High commissioner of the French government in French Polynesia to monitor the atmosphere and the upper part of the ocean for the safety of people and property. In this framewok, it issues to the local authorities and general public weather awareness maps, called “Vigilance” with related safety recommendations elaborated by the authorities. “Vigilance” covers four hazards: strong wind, heavy rainfall, strong waves, thunderstorms. There are four levels of awareness: red in case of very severe weather, orange, yellow, and green if no particular vigilance is required. More over "Alerte cyclonique" warnings are triggered in case of danger of tropical cyclone, those "Alerte cyclonique" are decided by the civil security authorities (in liaise with the meteorological advice of Meteo-France).

CAP Feed URL(s): [ blank ]

Forecasts URL:

Alerting Area (NWSE): -8 -153 -28 -135

Map view of the typical area for this alerting authority.
Hazard Categories
Geo: Geophysical (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, etc., includes landslide)
Met: Meteorological (weather, storms, etc. includes flood)
Safety: General emergency and public safety
Security: Law enforcement, military, homeland and local/private security
Rescue: Rescue and recovery
Fire: Fire suppression and rescue
Health: Medical and public health
Env: Pollution and other environmental
Transport: Public and private transportation
Infra: Utility, telecommunication, other non-transport infrastructure
CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive threat or attack
Other: Other events

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