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OID: WMO Member: Democratic Republic of the Congo ISO 3166: CD COD 180

Issuing Organization: Agence Nationale de la Météorologie et de Télédétection par Satellite

Hazard Categories: Met

Authorization Basis: "By Presidential Ordinance, METTELSAT was created in 1991 from two services, the National Institute of Meteorology and the ERTS-Zaire Program (Studying of Earth Resources by Satellite). METTELSAT is under supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications"

CAP Feed URL(s):
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Forecasts URL:

Alerting Area (NWSE): 6 13 -13 32

Map view of the typical area for this alerting authority.
Hazard Categories
Geo: Geophysical (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, etc., includes landslide)
Met: Meteorological (weather, storms, etc. includes flood)
Safety: General emergency and public safety
Security: Law enforcement, military, homeland and local/private security
Rescue: Rescue and recovery
Fire: Fire suppression and rescue
Health: Medical and public health
Env: Pollution and other environmental
Transport: Public and private transportation
Infra: Utility, telecommunication, other non-transport infrastructure
CBRNE: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive threat or attack
Other: Other events

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